"In my contemporary digital photography people play a central role, in the way they manifest themselves and show their emotions. People's appearance may depend on how they dress and decorate their bodies, but feelings and emotions are universal. My camera looks at all of these things... my pictures are almost always photos of people, real, or, as the projection of a staged dream world."

-René-Frank Granaada

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When I create my contemporary digital portraits in color they often are full length people portraits or model portraits. That way the photography shows best the connection between people or models and the surrounding natural setting, whether it is outdoor model photography in color, or contemporary photo portraits, the natural setting and the color accentuates the connection between us as a people and the natural world that surrounds us. All my digital portraits use color elements. Models for instance are selected on the basis of color in their appearance and figure lines to create a perfect blend with the natural setting of the location where I photograph them. Elements as the color connection to the color setting of the surrounding landscape have influenced the use of color for native peoples throughout the centuries. It has always been a part of the development of fashion trends, whether contemporary or in the old days.



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